The consultancy for film acquisitions and distribution


FINDINGFILMS.COM is a full-service consultancy for independent distributors and sales companies worldwide offering the information, experience and advice that will help them achieve their goals.


Throughout the year, and in particular before major markets, FINDINGFILMS.COM provides its distribution clients with up-to-date information about availabilities and price levels from the major sales agencies worldwide.


FINDINGFILMS.COM also provides script and screener coverage to enable its partners to assess and identify projects that fit their acquisitions profiles. The service helps clients prepare for the key markets and keeps them ready to conclude deals between the major events. FINDINGFILMS.COM can assist with arranging appointments, making introductions and strengthening relationships to those sellers that match a client’s acquisitions needs. Above all, help and advice with deal and contract negotiations is offered as well as follow-up and assistance with delivery issues.


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